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1.) If I share personal information on the app how will it be used? We will never share any personal information from our users with anyone.

2.) How are users being evaluated so we know they are not bots? We are constantly implementing code and systems to filter out spam and bots.

3.) For the app to be functioning at it’s best does there need to be a large amount of users in my area registered? Yes the more users on the app the better the user experience. 

4.) Will I need to update the app on a regular basis to make sure I have the latest version? Yes you should update the app every 8 to twelve weeks or so to be sure you have the most recent version of VotifyNow

5.) If I choose the remain anonymous option while creating a new account does it affect my ability to be involved? Absolutely not. You will have the same access to the tools as someone who does not remain anonymous

6.) Will my political orientation be listed on my profile when I’m interacting with other members of my community on VotifyNow? We will never reveal political affiliation or any other personnel information about our users

7.) Are users able to participate without themselves having voted in an election? Yes absolutely. Though we feel it’s a privilege to be involved in the election process we do not make it mandatory to be an active user on the VotiyNow platform.

8.) Is there anything more I can do besides use VotifyNow App to help strengthen election integrity? Yes you can report incident on the website or email report@votifyNow.org

9.) Will there be a way for me to send direct messages to other users on the app and vice versa? We are working on a direct message system and are set to launch that function on the platform by early 2023

10.) When rating candidates in my community, will the political orientation demographics be displayed so I have an accurate gauge of the results? Yes you will easily see what the political affiliation is of any particular candidates.

11.) When downloading the app please check your email, junk and spam folder for the verification code? If you do not receive the verification code after five full minutes, please email us at support@votifynow.org and we will walk you through the process to get you on boarded.

12.) What if the app unexpectedly crashes on me? If you are suddenly having a problem with the app crashing, this is because there is a new version of the app that needs to be updated. Simply delete the app from your phone and download the latest version from your App Store then follow the regular login procedures.

If you absolutely can’t get the app active on your mobile phone please go to the Report & Contact Us button here on this site or email us at report@votifyNow.org to report incidents and upload photos, videos or docs..